We’ve been the home of some of the finest breakfasts, posh nosh, sandwiches, platters, soups and salads since Mike Butt opened Brownes in the 1980s.

Now at the Kantina, you become part of our story. It’s a tale of handmade, delicious sandwiches, breakfasts, soups, salads and innovative food concepts, some new, some traditional, using only the finest ingredients and offering plenty of choice.

You expect us to know where we source our products from and to be knowledgeable about the different breads and ingredients on offer. Each new menu choice, and exciting food concept represents another chapter in our story.

During that time, we’ve listened to our customers and worked closely with our carefully selected suppliers to bring you delicious food concepts that are constantly evolving in tune with changing tastes, new products and seasonal produce.

At the Kantina we won’t pre-package your sandwiches, salads or other food order: we wait until you tell us what you want, then we get going. Yes, it takes a little longer, and is slightly more complicated than a grab-and-go, but that’s what makes it special and super fresh.

We’re proud of the care and attention we give to ensuring you get your food the way you want it.

It’s an approach that has seen the Brownes network of highly individual concepts continue to expand as word of our top-quality food and the professionalism of our teams has spread.

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